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How long does the immigration process take?

Once you have submitted your application, NZ immigration will assign you a Case Officer and the process may take up to six months. This will be highly dependent on your ability to produce all of the documentation required by NZ immigration in a timely and organised manner. Please ensure you fully read the information on NZ Immigration’s website, www.immigration.govt.nz, before commencing the process.

Will my previous military performance appraisal documents be used I assessment for promotion?

No. You will be assessed for promotion upon your performance and reporting in the NZDF

Can the Offer of Service change?

An Offer of Service (OOS) from the NZDF is an indication that we wish to employ you and that we would like to employ you as soon as possible. The OOS will contain information such as your new branch, trade, rank, seniority, unit, appointment, salary, engagement timeframe, annual leave scale and any courses required. The OOS is subject to you gaining the required medical and security clearances and on gaining a NZ Residence class visa. In rare circumstances the OOS may change. Please be aware the NZDF reserves the right to alter your actual posting due to operational or administrative purposes. We may have to alter the OOS if you are unable to commence employment within the required timeframe agreed in your OOS.

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