Intelligence, IT & Communications

Join our team of highly trained specialists in the world of intelligence, IT and communications. You can gain access to world class training and work on high tech equipment that won't readily see in the civilian industries.


Hydrographic Survey Officers are heavily involved in surveying areas for beach landings as a part of the Advanced Force Operations team. A Rapid Environmental Assessment is conducted by Hydrographers to give command a number of options where possible beach landings can be safely conducted.


Navy Communications Warfare Specialist
Take up the challenge of operating a variety of specialised military communication networks, keeping us in contact in a wide variety of exciting situations.
‘Looking’ and ‘listening’ for electronic signals passing through the atmosphere is a specialised role. We will train you to become a master of this technical role.
RNZN Hydrographic Systems Operator
If you are fascinated by the sea and its geography, you will be fascinated by the opportunity to help create the sea and coastline charts to keep our ships at sea and clear of the rocks!