Reserve Officer

Group: Officer
Job Availability: Part Time

The Role

Officers are the leaders of the New Zealand Army. They are the managers and strategists. Their decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities enable them to plan and execute tasks in wide-ranging conditions. It is their job to earn trust and respect, and to display the strength of character to inspire their soldiers in potentially difficult situations.

Specialist Officers

The Army employs trained/qualified personnel for their particular professional skills. These roles include professions such as, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Environmental Health Specialists.

For more information on these roles look at the Regular Force trade pages:

Pay & Benefit Details

The minimum remuneration for a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve, is a daily rate of $139.28 and will continue to increase on promotion and seniority.

General Requirements

To become an Officer is the Army Reserve; applicants must be a serving Reserve or Regular Force Soldier. Current serving soldiers interested in becoming an Army Reserve officer should apply using the form AFNZ 413D through their Commanding Officer.

You will be required to attend an Officer Selection Board. See Army Intake Schedule for OSB dates. If successful you will be invited to attend the Territorial Force Commissioning Course (TFCC).

Fitness Requirements

  • You must be medically fit for service.
  • Colour perception restrictions may apply.