Life in the Air Force

Travel and deployments

Operation anywhere

The Air Force has the ability to carry large amounts of equipment, personnel and supplies. Our expertise plays a central role in any overseas operations involving the Defence Force or our allies.

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Keeping the peace

We regularly go on UN peacekeeping and humanitarian missions across the world, including Sudan, Kosovo, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Korea. In countries affected by war, we can help monitor tense situations and provide aerial intelligence. Or we can be on hand to protect the civilian population. As we've seen recently in our own country too, the Defence Force can play an essential role in the aftermath of a natural disaster. If roads and bridges are destroyed or impassable, we can always find a way to get to where we are needed.

Overseas deployment

Recent years have seen us deployed to many different countries on many different missions. In combat theatres, such as Afghanistan, our C130s conduct regular supply and redeployment flights. We provide the essential tools and personnel needed by the Army and our allies. Our Iroquois helicopters have been sent to Timor-Leste, where our squadron crews work alongside the Australian Defence Force to transport patrols, make equipment drops and provide medical evacuation.

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See the world

Being away from home is an essential part of the role, and while it can be tough at first, we will help you prepare for it. There's everything you need to stay in contact with friends and family when you're away. And if possible, we'll give you the opportunity to explore the countries we visit. It's important to remember that overseas deployments are more often than not the most enjoyable experiences you will have in your career.

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