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    14 November, 2019

About the role

As Infantry (Rifleman) you will work mostly outdoors in close-knit teams, learning combat skills such as weapon handling, navigation, field craft and survival. You will build your physical fitness and strength and build a high level of endurance and stamina.

As Infantry (Rifleman) within an Army Reserve unit you will continue to develop your skills during regular training and by conducting tactical field exercises. Once you have become proficient in your trade you could be given the opportunity to deploy on operation or support humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR) within NZ or overseas.

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Career progression and training

Basic Training
Job Training

As a Rifleman you will be required to complete the Infantry Corps training course after the mod 3 course.


This course is more physically and mentally challenging than the recruit course. The aim is to prepare you to operate as a member of a rifle section.

You will be trained in the use of specialist weapons that are capable of engaging a wide range of selective targets. You will hone your physical fitness and learn to apply first aid to a combat casualty. Other skills learnt on this course include, performing navigation, operating combat radios, further developing your field craft skills in both a close country and open country environment. You will also further develop your live firing experience up to pairs and team live fire and manoeuvre drills.

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Salary and benefits

As a Reservist you are paid on an hourly rate rather than a salary. Pay rates depend on the role you are in and your rank; your pay will increase as you move through the ranks.

As an Army Reserve soldier, the minimum remuneration you will be paid from day one is a daily rate of $148.82. Your remuneration will increase on promotion and seniority.


Daily rate

Entry requirements

Fitness and Medical
Period of Service
  • You must be at least 17 years of age
  • Preferably hold a Class 1 restricted driver's licence

You must have achieved the NCEA level 1 Literacy and Numeracy requirements

Find out more about the NCEA levels and certificate requirements

  • You must be medically fit for service.
  • Colour perception restrictions may apply.

There are strict citizenship and security requirements to gain the required CV security clearance for this trade.

Find out if you’re eligible here.

There may be a return of service period for this trade.

Please contact our 0800 number or talk to your Candidate Experience Facilitator for more information.


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