Life in the Army

Army life

Life in the Army is whatever you want to make it. Choose a trade, learn the ropes, and become an expert. Then spend your time working with your mates to protect the things you love most in the world. 

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Social life

You’ll find life very social in the Army. Success relies upon you forming close ties with your mates, which means enjoying yourself in and out of work. What’s more, as a highly trained professional serving their country, you need some rest time. That’s when you re-charge your batteries, catch up with family, and enjoy the benefits that come with Army life.

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Work-life balance

We believe passionately in providing an excellent work/life balance, and the hours you work will be similar to any role in civilian life, with weekends free to spend as you wish. Of course if you’re on exercise, or overseas, or responding to a critical situation, then you will need to be flexible about this. But by and large, you’ll find yourself with some free time. Particularly when you consider that a lot of your sport and fitness training is done in work time.


When you are off duty, there’s a lot to keep you entertained on the Army bases. Gyms and swimming pools can be used by both you and your family. There are bars to relax in with your pals and shoot some pool. If you need a bit of peace and quiet for study or reading, there’s a well-stocked library. There are shops and hobby huts, plus many clubs for you to share your passion with like-minded people. This could be anything from motor biking to snowboarding.

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Learn priceless skills

The Army will teach you a lot of things, including everything you need to do your role. But perhaps the two most important things you'll learn are discipline and self-belief. Priceless skills that all employers value.

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Working here and overseas

Working on base
Overseas deployment

While working in camp in New Zealand, you can expect to always work in safe and healthy conditions. There are loads of facilities in camp to keep you entertained in your downtime, whether that’s a fully equipped gym, a library or just a comfy place to relax and use the internet.

While working in camp you will have the opportunity to live in service accommodation within a military establishment or live outside of camp and rent, flat or buy. It is however, recommended that you live in camp in the early stages of your career to gain a sense of the Army lifestyle.

While you will spend most of your time living in a Military camp, at times you will deploy into the field on exercise. This may require you to sleep under the stars in various training areas within NZ or overseas with only the clothes, equipment and amenities that you can carry on your back or in your vehicle – dependant on your trade.

When you’re overseas, or away on a mission, conditions can be different. However, this does not mean you’ll be lacking any of the essentials. If you’re suddenly deployed overseas to assist in humanitarian relief following a natural disaster, then of course it’s not going to be as well equipped as your home camp. Even if you are overseas you will still have opportunities to stay fit and relax when you are off-duty.

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Give your passion purpose

Whatever your passion in life, there's a role in the Army that will give it purpose.

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