Operational Support

Supporting our personnel, before, during and after they head out on missions.

Life in a Operational Support role

Roles available span the entire Defence Force. Whether working in New Zealand or overseas, you'll be expected to give your all to back our front-line teams, and ensure our interests and those of our allies stay safe. 

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Work that matters

In Operational Support roles, you're the backbone that keeps our personnel safe and able to do their jobs.

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Military Factor

All full time members of the NZ Defence Force receive an added portion to their salary known as Military Factor. This additional compensation recognises the unique nature of military service and the commitment you make to serve your country. This can include short notice postings around the country and overseas. You will be directed at times to be continuously alert, undertake arduous and hazardous duties, and be exposed to adverse working environments exclusive to military life. This also includes the exercise of military skills not recognised by market comparisons. The part you play in our Defence Force and your commitment to our country will be financially rewarded.

Free medical and dental

5 weeks annual leave

Subsidised food on base

Sponsored tertiary study programmes at all levels

Defence discounts at selected stores and services

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Operational Support Roles

3 Roles available in the Operational Support specialisation across All services

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