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What are the NZDF’s core values?

Core values vary between services but include courage, commitment, comradeship and integrity.

Can I study while I am in the NZDF?

Yes. Typically your first year in the NZDF is very busy with training, so we don’t recommend studying during this time, but you can spend your spare time as you wish. If the study is related to your trade, you can apply for the NZDF to pay for it or subsidise your course fees. You may even be allowed to spend work time studying depending on the course and the demands of your job.

Find out more on our University Study and Education and Training pages, or look up education and training, in the lifestyle and salary section for each service.

After I join, can I change trades or service?

Initial trade selection is important because both you and the NZDF invest a significant amount of time and resources on your training and career progression, so it pays to thoroughly research the trade you are entering and make a well informed decision.

In some circumstances it is possible to change trade or service once you are in the NZDF. However, trade and service changes can be a lengthy process and are dependent on a number of factors like personnel requirements for the trades you wish to leave and join, and is by no means guaranteed. Therefore, if you assume you will be able to change trades or service at a later stage, we advise against accepting an Offer of Service for a trade or service you do not consider yourself suited to.

What do I sign when I become a Reservist?

Successful reserve applicants sign both an offer of service and an attestation form (legal document that means you agree to abide by the Armed Forces Disciplinary Act).

As a reservist will I be forced to go on deployment?

In times of war or emergency, you may be called upon to deploy.

Do I have to tell a new employer that I am in the Reserve Forces?

No. It is at your discretion to tell a new employer if you are a member of the reservist forces. However, we encourage you to be open with your employer or a potential employer. The Volunteers Employment Protection Act 1973 makes it an offence for an employer to discriminate against, disadvantage, or dismiss an employee or prospective employee for rendering service in the Reserve Forces. No one from the directorate of Reserve Forces, Youth Development, or your unit will contact your employer without your prior consent.

How much do personnel in each Service earn?

As you move through the ranks your salary will rise accordingly.

Army pay and benefit information can be found here.

Navy pay and benefit information can be found here

Air Force pay and benefit information can be found here.

Do I have to go through the same selection process as somebody joining for the first time?

No. We have a specialist team who handle all re-enlistment applications. The team is made up of Army, Navy and Air Force recruiting personnel, as well as our civilian Candidate Engagement Facilitators. We work closely with Career Managers to process your application.

Will I retain my rank and seniority?

Most of the time people re-enlist with the same rank and seniority, however this is assessed on a case by case basis, and includes factors such as how long you have been out for and what you have done since you left.

How long does it take to re-enlist?

Each application is different and there are a number of tasks that need to be completed before you re-enlist (military file check, Police check, Medical, etc). Some people are back within a month, and others can take up to six months. You will have responsibility for completing parts of the process, the faster you complete these the faster your application will progress.

Will you review my previous military file?

Yes, both the Recruiter and the Career Manager will review your file to assess your suitability for re-enlistment. If it is decided that you are not suitable for re-enlistment you will be given the reason for this.

Is there an upper age limit for re-enlisting?

No. There is no upper age limit for re-enlisting. However, you will need to meet fitness and health criteria.

What entitlements can I get to help my entry?

What entitlements can I get to help my entry?

On successful application, and once you have accepted your Offer of Service, you may then be entitled to some of the below on entry or to aid with your entry:

-Duty Travel for you and your family, from your bona fide home to a new posting location

-Household removals funding/partial funding

-Accommodation during relocation to a new posting location

Do I have to pay for my uniform?

No, you will be issued with uniform free of charge.

What percentage of the NZDF are female? As of Dec 2018:

Navy = 22.4%

Air Force = 18.3%

Army = 13.2%

Recent and upcoming intakes have a higher percentage of women than above, which is steadily increasing the overall percentage of women in the NZDF each year.

How long will it take to hear back once I have applied?

Once your application has been received it will be allocated to one of the re-enlistment Candidate Engagement Facilitators who will send you an email within 24 working hours with the next steps.

I applied previously to re-enlist but then I decided to put my application on hold. How do I get it activated again?

Contact your Candidate Engagement Facilitator to reopen your application.

How do I take care of personal hygiene when I’m in the field?

You will be taught during initial training how to tactically, safely, and appropriately take care of all personal hygiene matters – and you will always be able to maintain your privacy and discretion. During the initial weeks of training prior to leave being granted, you will have the opportunity to resupply and purchase personal hygiene products from a store on base.

How long does the immigration process take?

Once you have submitted your application, NZ immigration will assign you a Case Officer and the process may take up to six months. This will be highly dependent on your ability to produce all of the documentation required by NZ immigration in a timely and organised manner. Please ensure you fully read the information on NZ Immigration’s website, www.immigration.govt.nz, before commencing the process.

Will my previous military performance appraisal documents be used I assessment for promotion?

No. You will be assessed for promotion upon your performance and reporting in the NZDF

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