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Can I study while I am in the NZDF?Yes. Typically your first year in the NZDF is very busy with training, so we don’t recommend studying during this time, but you can spend your spare time as you wish. If the study is related to your trade, you can apply for the NZDF to pay for it or subsidise your course fees. You may even be allowed to spend work time studying depending on the course and the demands of your job.

Find out more on our University Study and Education and Training pages, or look up education and training, in the lifestyle and salary section for each service.

When will I be promoted?

Promotion is based on eligibility requirements that include completing trade specific courses, seniority (how long you have held your current rank), and performance.

If I gain new qualifications in my spare time while I am in the NZDF, can I change to a new trade?

We are keen to see people who have improved their skills and want to take on new challenges. We move a number of internally-recruited personnel into new trades each year, but in the interest of fairness, they must meet the same minimum entry requirements as new applicants, and other factors like demand for the trade you wish to change to are taken into consideration.

I am currently serving but I want to change trade or service, do I do this via this site?

If you are a currently serving member, either Regular or Reserve Forces, you need to apply via your unit chain of command.

What age can I be employed until in the NZDF?

There is no upper age limits. Continued service is determined by vacancies, your performance, and your health and fitness.

What accommodation options does the NZDF offer?

The NZDF offers very affordable barrack accommodation for NZDF members on most bases. Regular Force members become eligible for a housing allowance after 3 years of service. Regular Force members also become eligible for service housing after three years of service or under exceptional circumstances.

What is service housing like?

The majority of NZDF service houses were built in the 1950’s and are of wood construction. They have been maintained but are not as good as most modern homes of this century.

As a reservist, will I continue to accrue annual leave while I am on Military Leave?

Yes, being granted military leave provisions under the Volunteers Employment Protection Act 1973 means that your normal employment is viewed as uninterrupted and you are entitled to accrue your normal leave entitlement.

Is there someone I can talk to about re-enlistment and different trade options for me?

Yes, call 0800 1 FORCE (0800 136 723) and ask to speak to a uniformed re-enlistment recruiter.

Will I have to go through basic training again?

This is assessed on a case by case basis and it may be decided that you need to start again alongside new recruits.

How much leave am I entitled to?

The annual leave entitlement is 25 days per year for all service personnel. In addition to annual leave there are over 20 other categories of leave that you can apply for. These include study leave, representational leave, household removal leave, sick leave (to name but a few). The most common form of additional leave besides statutory holidays, is stand-down leave (for respite after long operations and intensive work periods) and equivalent leave (for working weekends and statutory holidays).

Have I been out of the NZDF too long to re-enlist?

We assess each application on a case by case basis. A variety of factors are considered including how long you previously served for, how long you have been out for, what you have done since you left.

Will the NZDF provide Dental and Medical care?

Upon successful enlistment to the NZDF regular forces, the NZDF provides non cosmetic Dental and Medical care.

Will you take into consideration extra skills and qualification I have gained since leaving the NZDF?

If your new skills or qualifications are relevant to your trade then this will be considered on a case by case basis.

How long does the police check take?

It can take up to 30 days. If you have lived overseas for longer than six months since you left the NZDF you will need to provide a Police check from that country and we can guide you on how to do that.

What ranks and trades are you currently accepting re-enlistment applications for?

We accept re-enlistment applications for all ranks and trades, although the available position vary. We are always keen to re-enlist good people. Please contact 0800 1 FORCE (0800 136 723) to discuss.

What is a Candidate Engagement Facilitator?

A Candidate Engagement Facilitator is a civilian member of the NZDF who works alongside military recruiting personnel. They will keep you updated on the status of your application and they will ask you to complete certain tasks at different points in the process. They are your first port of call

Will the move date be negotiated or advised?

Enlistment dates will be agreed once an OOS is made and we have a clearer idea of the time frame (e.g NZ Residence class visa, release etc).

Please be aware you are expected to enlist within 18 months from the time you submit your application to NZDF and that that you are required to give us as much information as possible about when you will be able to join.

Will I be offered an extension of service after I complete my initial engagement?

This will be dependent on a number of factors including gaining NZ citizenship, the NZDF’s need and your performance during your time served. You should find out if your service will be extended 12 months before completing your initial engagement.

Do I need to provide copies of my qualifications obtained during my military courses?

Yes. The career managers will assess these qualifications and decide which ones will be recognised by the NZDF. If you are successfully enlisted into the NZDF, these courses will be added to your NZDF profile. Please note that some NZ courses differ to ones you have taken at home and you must be prepared to complete these. This will be stated to you in your Offer of Service.

Can I transfer my UK pension to the NZDF?

There is no ability to transfer your military pension into an NZDF scheme. The NZDF no longer has its own pension scheme, rather NZDF personnel pay into the national Kiwisaver scheme. NZDF employees pay a minimum of 3% of their salary and the NZDF matches that with 4%. The pay listed on NZDF’s offer of service includes employer Kiwisaver contributions. More details can be found at the link www.kiwisaver.govt.nz

You may transfer your pension to your kiwi saver scheme, however we strongly encourage you to seek professional advice regarding this.

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